Privacy Policy

1. MULT.DEV shall keep confidential the personal information provided by the User on the servers with limited access located in the protected premises.

2. Consent to personal data processing. If during the course of using the Service, the User provides any information referring, directly or indirectly, to a definite or identifiable natural person (hereinafter the “personal information”), its subsequent processing will be carried out according to the laws of Georgia. The User hereby provides his/her consent to the processing of all the provided personal information. MULT.DEV shall process the personal information of the User exclusively for the purposes of providing to the User the functionality of the Service, the content posted thereon, marketing, advertising, other information, for the purposes of receipt by the User of personalized (targeted) advertising, research and analysis of the User's information. MULT.DEV shall take all reasonable measures to protect the personal information of the User. The disclosure of the personal information provided by the User may be carried out only according to the laws of Georgia. In relation to all the personal information of the User provided to MULT.DEV, MULT.DEV may carry out the collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, revision (update, amendment), use, dissemination (including the transfer to any third parties for storing or in case of assignment of the personal information processing to third parties), anonymization, blocking, destruction, cross-border transfer, processing by the key methods of such processing (storage, recording on electronic carriers and their storage, lists compilation and marking) and other actions according to article 3 of the Federal Law No. 152-FZ “About Personal Information” dated 27.06.2006. The User acknowledges and agrees that the provision to MULT.DEV of any information about him/her, which is not contact information and which is not related to the objects specified by MULT.DEV (is not related to the activities of MULT.DEV, its promoted products, terms of cooperation between MULT.DEV and the User), and the provision of the information classified as state, banking and/or commercial secret, information about the race and/or nationality, political views, religious or philosophical convictions, state of health, private life of the User or another third party is prohibited.

3. MULT.DEV reserves the right to provide the personal information of the User to third parties if such a third party carries out contracted works under an order of MULT.DEV and the relations between the third party and MULT.DEV will be set out in the agreement and the confidentiality undertaking.

4. MULT.DEV shall not be liable for the disclosure of personal information of the User if the disclosure occurred through a fault or with the consent of the User.

5. MULT.DEV shall use the collected information only to provide the rights and access requested by the User. These may include displaying the contents of the websites and advertising messages taking into account the interests of the User, and for sending invitations to take part in the poles related to MULT.DEV products.

6. In case of transfer of secret information (for example, bank card number or passwords) via Internet, it may be protected with encryption methods, such as SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. If the password is used to protect the accounts of the User and personal information, the User shall be liable for ensuring its secrecy.

7. The User undertakes not to provide to third parties the logins and passwords for the access to the Service. If the User provides access to the Service to ant third parties, MULT.DEV shall not be liable for the safety of the User’s personal information.