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Johnatan Cook

Hey mate, this site is awesome! As a s/w product mgr myself, this is very well-done! I was googling for something exactly like this for a while, I've used for cycling before but it doesn't support non-sports activities.


David Osterholt

For years I've been looking for something this simple. I've been doing it i powerpoint and it takes forever to do something that looks presentable. This is really great.


Superb Quality and great animation, maybe it would be nice to have more parameters to play with during the animation. Will recommend though to other doing trips to create awesome content ! Thanks to the support as well from the team it was incredibly helpful for my case


Really cool app and tech support is fast and brilliant thanks.



Cool website. I absolutely loved it.


Martin Lohr

your application is great! Too bad i did not find it earlier. We used to have machines at the tv station that i have worked for some years, but your animations are rendered so quickly.


Pergel Atilla

A very accurate and high-quality video was made.


Chris Peterson

This tool is awesome. It's leveled up our videos big time!


Sebastian Mack

pretty nice



Absolutely fantastic tool - must have for travel bloggers. If you want to create nice animated video with all your stops from roadtrip, use Mult. User interface is very clean and they also have fantastic support 👏


Sebastian Mack

pretty nice


Brandon Loo

Thanks! The route map videos will go great with our upcoming content :)


Amazing product


I absolutely love this product! A friend of mine suggested the idea and I googled it and found Mult and I couldn’t be happier. Made my first video and loved it. Had a small issue and within a minute I was helped and was told everything will be sorted and I felt safe in their hands. If you want to make videos like these I couldn’t recommend Mult more, it’s quick and simple.


Lucas Rigonatto

Incredible tool to make your map animations, very easy to use and the best and fastest support i've seen.


Ville Simonen

I would like to make multiple route options at same point A to the same point B.


Wow thanks so much to the team! I needed the map to include an extra function of removing the flags and they literally built it into the app for me! So grateful for the excellent service, and a really user-friendly map-maker that does exactly what I need it to.


Would appreciate more detail (Mileage).Lessen Wide Angle, closer view. Destination Tags would be nice to edit. Location on map ok, but would like to edit (Sakudaira vs just "Japan").


5 What a fantastic program!!!! Please keep improving it, especially allowing zoom in&out capabilities and custom routes without stops. I am glad to have gone Pro with mult!!!

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