Animated travel infographics

Zero-config animated maps

Visualize your journey with beautiful animated maps. Perfect for adventurers, travelers, and explorers wanting to showcase their routes and destinations.


Johnatan Cook

Hey mate, this site is awesome! As a s/w product mgr myself, this is very well-done! I was googling for something exactly like this for a while, I've used for cycling before but it doesn't support non-sports activities.


David Osterholt

For years I've been looking for something this simple. I've been doing it i powerpoint and it takes forever to do something that looks presentable. This is really great.


Superb Quality and great animation, maybe it would be nice to have more parameters to play with during the animation. Will recommend though to other doing trips to create awesome content ! Thanks to the support as well from the team it was incredibly helpful for my case - Zero-config animated maps for high-impact infographics | Product Hunt